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The Weom® Thermal Core represents cutting-edge technology designed for the most demanding applications, revolutionizing the field of thermal imaging. This version, equipped with a rear board, is the ideal choice for those seeking robust and reliable solutions without the need for additional plugins. Emphasizing performance and quality, this version provides an excellent foundation for various thermal applications in industry, security, and other fields. The Weom® Thermal Core combines high sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications.

A key feature of the Weom® Thermal Core is its ability to deliver outstanding image quality under various conditions. Advanced FPGA processing ensures excellent scene visualization and exceptional sensitivity, allowing detection of even the smallest temperature differences. Additionally, it offers a wide range of fixed lenses and the option to be delivered without a lens, ensuring maximum flexibility for integration into different system

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The Weom® Thermal Core is designed and manufactured in Europe with a focus on the highest quality and reliability. This ITAR-free OEM thermal camera module offers exceptional sensor sensitivity of 30mK and a resolution of 640 x 480 px, making it the perfect choice for demanding applications. Its compact dimensions and low weight make it suitable for integration into various platforms, such as unmanned vehicles (UAV/UGV), handheld cameras, industrial monitoring systems, security cameras, maritime cameras, and intelligent monitoring systems. The Weom® Thermal Core offers flexibility and adaptability through various standard industrial interfaces, enabling its use in any desired application.

The Weom® Thermal Core also includes advanced features such as automatic and manual gain control (AGC/MGC), spatial and temporal filters to enhance image quality, and a user-friendly interface for easy control and firmware updates. This combination of technology and features ensures that the Weom® Thermal Core is not only highly performant but also user-friendly and easy to integrate.

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High Image Quality

WEOM® thermal cores are equipped with advanced FPGA image processing technology, delivering exceptional image quality and scene visualization. With high sensitivity of 30mK and a sensor resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, WEOM® ensures accurate detection and visualization of even the smallest temperature differences. This high level of sensitivity and resolution makes WEOM® cores suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial inspections to security and surveillance.

Integration Flexibility

One of the standout features of the WEOM® thermal core is its flexibility in integration. The core's compact size and lightweight design, combined with various standard industrial interchangeable interfaces such as HDMI, CVBS, USB3, and GigE, allow it to be easily incorporated into numerous systems. Whether it's for unmanned aerial or ground vehicles (UAV/UGV), thermal monoculars/binoculars, handheld cameras, or fixed industrial and security cameras, WEOM® can be seamlessly integrated to meet specific application needs.

Wide Range of Applications

WEOM® thermal cores are designed to meet the demands of various challenging applications. They are well-suited for use in maritime cameras, machine vision systems, monitoring, and intelligent systems. The robust construction and high performance of WEOM® cores ensure reliable operation even in extreme conditions. This versatility makes WEOM® an ideal choice for industries that require dependable and precise thermal imaging solutions.

Fast Start-up and Easy Control

Efficiency and ease of use are critical in many applications, and WEOM® thermal cores deliver on both fronts. The cores boast a rapid start-up time of less than 5 seconds, enabling users to begin their work quickly. Additionally, WEOM® cores offer user-friendly control through the Thermal Core GUI software, which also supports remote firmware updates. This functionality ensures that the cores can be easily managed and updated, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Durability and Reliability

Durability is a key consideration for thermal cores used in demanding environments. WEOM® cores are built with a durable aluminum body and feature IP67 protection, making them highly resistant to dust and water. They can operate in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +80°C, ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions. This robustness, combined with compliance with standards such as ROHS, REACH, WEEE, and CE, underscores the reliability and long-term value of WEOM® thermal cores.


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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/UGV)

The WEOM® thermal imaging core is ideal for use in unmanned aerial and ground vehicles (UAV/UGV). With its high sensitivity of 30mK and 640 x 480 px resolution, it provides excellent image quality, which is crucial for target identification and navigation in challenging environments. Advanced FPGA processing ensures reliability and quick response, essential for real-time operations. Due to its compact size and lightweight design, integrating WEOM® into various types of unmanned systems is effortless.

Maritime Applications

WEOM® thermal cameras are well-suited for installation on ships and other maritime vessels. They assist with navigation at night and in poor weather conditions, ensuring the safety of the crew and the vessel. They can be used to detect obstacles, other vessels, or to monitor illegal activities. With IP67 protection and a wide operating temperature range, these cameras are resistant to the harsh conditions at sea.

Monoculars and Binoculars

WEOM® thermal cameras can be integrated into portable thermal monoculars and binoculars. These devices allow users to see in complete darkness, smoke, or fog. This is especially useful for military applications, hunting, rescue operations, and outdoor activities. Users will appreciate the high resolution and sensitivity of the camera, which provides detailed and sharp images.

Security and Search Operations

The WEOM® thermal imaging core is an excellent tool for security, search and rescue operations in various situations, including natural disasters, lost hikers, or accidents. Its high sensitivity and resolution allow for the rapid and accurate detection of heat emitted by the human body, which is crucial during nighttime operations or in poor lighting conditions. Advanced image processing and the option to use different lenses enable capturing wide or narrow fields of view according to the mission's needs. WEOM® is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to integrate into portable devices or drones that can quickly scan large areas, increasing the chances of a successful rescue.
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Observation and Monitoring Application

For observation and monitoring applications, the WEOM® thermal imaging core offers significant advantages. This core provides excellent image quality and sensitivity, making it ideal for security cameras and monitoring systems. With its high resolution (640x480 px) and 30mK sensitivity, it can capture even the smallest thermal differences. Its compact size and lightweight design facilitate easy installation, while the various interchangeable lenses and interfaces (HDMI, USB3, GigE) allow for flexible use in different environments. This means you can seamlessly integrate WEOM® into existing systems, enhancing your ability to detect and respond to potential threats or anomalies in real time.

Desktop configuration software

The configuration of the Thermal Camera Core WEOM® involves setting various parameters to optimize image quality and performance. This thermal camera module is ideal for applications such as unmanned vehicles and thermal sights. It offers advanced image processing, enhancing details and contrast through continuous histogram equalization and provides radiometry available in every pixel. All variants share a unified interface for seamless integration. 

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