FLIR is the exclusive global distributor of the Workswell GIS-320 Thermal by FLIR, a system designed for unmanned aerial systems, unmanned ground vehicles, and mobile platforms. This thermal imaging payload is particularly effective for detecting gas leaks and the presence of gases in the air, making it valuable in environmental safety tests. It can identify greenhouse gases and other hazardous emissions, which are a threat to both the environment and human health.

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In contrast to traditional gas detection methods that require direct contact with the gas using sensor technology, the Workswell GIS-320 offers a more advanced solution. It utilizes infrared thermography to visualize gas leaks, providing a complete image of the scanned area. This high-precision thermal camera, equipped with a sensitive, cooled MWIR quantum detector, can detect gases in very low concentrations. It's ideal for use with drones/UAV systems, as it allows for adjustments in camera settings like emissivity and gas intensity range. Additionally, the GIS-320's gas detection capability doesn't degrade over time and doesn't require calibration, adhering to the EPA’s NSPS 40 CFR part 60 sensitivity standards for optical gas imaging equipment.

Gas Detection

Advanced environmental safety with GIS


At Workswell, we offer more than just state-of-the-art thermal cameras; we provide a suite of sophisticated software solutions designed to maximize the potential of your thermographic equipment. 

Thermolab is a software tool for detailed thermogram analysis, offering standard data analysis functions and extended features like GPS image location and displaying digital RGB images.

An advanced operating system for thermal cameras, ensuring full real-time data streaming and control during flights, with easy camera control through various interfaces.

An interface used for integrating UAV cameras with MAVLINK systems, allowing for advanced control and data transmission capabilities.

This SDK is possibly related to the streaming and control of camera data over Ethernet connections, but specific details are not available.

This software development kit likely aids in integrating WIRIS cameras with systems using CANbus and UART interfaces, allowing for advanced control and data management.

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