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Workswell WIC Industrial is a thermal camera designed and manufactured for easy and user-friendly plug&play integration for all process control and quality control applications. Customers can choose from two types of camera resolution, ie. 640×512 or 336×256 px, also from several different lenses and can choose temperature range up to 1 500 °C. Internal electronics is protected by high IP66/IP67 rating enclosure and can be installed in harsh conditions from -50 °C to +200 °C. Also 30mK sensitivity is offered in standard.

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Workswell WIC Industrial is powered via PoE and Ethernet cable and is fully compatible with Gigabit Ethernet protocol. Therefore camera can be easily integrated via WIC SDK (SDK is available for Windows and Linux x86).

Workswell WIC Industrial can be directly connected to desktop software that automatically detects a camera, configures an address and ensures a camera connection. All WIC use 14 RAW data format or calculated calibrated temperature values. Image can be shown in different colour pallets with interactive side bar and measurement tools. Users can manage camera parameters such as Gain, NUC, Factory Reset, etc. There is also SDK tutorial application, Linux and Windows dll libraries and C# application code available.

Thermal Vision Redefined

Next-level imaging with WIC Industrial

Thermolab is a software tool for detailed thermogram analysis, offering standard data analysis functions and extended features like GPS image location and displaying digital RGB images.
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