The Workswell BB200 OEM is a highly accurate black-body radiation source for infrared thermography in OEM version with the possibility of customizing the company logo and article number (see details below).

The BB200 OEM offers continuous temperature settings from 30-200 °C (86 °F to 392 °F), with a 0.1°C (0.18 °F) single step. Its surface, a 100mm-diameter, temperature-stabilized area, is designed with pyramid shapes that increase emission stability and reduce reflective effects. With a surface emissivity of 0.95 ±0.005 for the LWIR spectrum and a long-term time stability that is better than ±0.08 %, the BB200 OEM takes thermography to the next level.

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The Workswell BB200 OEM black body is a versatile tool designed for thermal camera calibration, particularly useful in fever screening processes. It adheres to the IEC 80601-2-59 and ISO 16142 standards, ensuring high accuracy and reliability. This product offers unique customization options, such as laser-engraved company logos and article numbers, allowing it to align with your corporate identity. The package includes the black body, a calibration certificate, ball adapter, power supply, and a transport case. With a minimum order of four units, it's both simple and cost-effective. The BB200 features a Teflon body with aluminum parts and an OLED display for temperature monitoring. It also saves temperature values in its memory for convenience. Additionally, the product comes with an SDK for custom application development, ensuring seamless integration with various systems. Accessories like RS485 and USB-C cables are available, enhancing its connectivity and user experience.

Precision in Calibration

Precision Thermography: The BB200 OEM


RS 485

A library (SDK – standard development kit) for developing custom applications is available for the Workswell BB200 black body. This SDK allows reliable integration and remote control of the BB200 with your application or device via RS485 or USB-C. Virtual panel screen from the sample application is on the left image.

Comprehensive manual and also a sample application is available for a quick understanding of SDK functions and is included in the package.

For communication you can use nine-pin RS485 cable or an USB-C cable (available from version 1.4.17 and above). RS485 cable, RS485 to USB converter and USB cable are available in the kit as optional accessories.

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