About us

European-based innovative developer and manufacturer specialising in advanced thermal imaging technology with full in-house development, with high-end expertise in the field of designing and developing the products. The company is focused on supplying the unmatched quality products and solutions to variety of customers. The inherent part of the business is consulting service, sales and after-sales support. Thermal imaging products and systems from Workswell enhance the manufacturing processes of numerous European car companies. If you drive a recent model produced by BMW, Škoda, Renault, Kia and others it is likely that one of Workswell’s thermal imaging systems played a part in the creation of your car’s components. Workswell also has introduced several unique technologies for UAV and UGV such a the GIS 320 – OGI (optical gas imaging), WIRIS Enterprise and WIRIS Pro that are the most advanced drone thermal imaging cameras for industrial inspection, search&rescue and R&D as well as WIRIS Agro, patented agricultural camera evaluates Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI).





  • 2010Founded

    Workswell was established by 3 founders at the Czech Technology Institute formed by Czech Technical university in Prague as the place where young and ambitions people start building their startups
  • 2011GigE and USB3 for Tau2

    Deeper involvement in Thermal imaging technology, launched first GigE and USB3 accessories for FLIR TAU2 core.
  • 2012First WIC

    First generation of stationary Workswell thermal imaging camera (WIC) launched including basic analysis software called Coreplayer.
  • 2013First ThermoInspector

    First generation of ThermoInspector, most advanced control automation system package compatible with WIC. First Workswell units were sold within Europe.
  • 2014UAV generation

    First generation of UAV dual thermal imaging camera called Thermal Vision Pro. The unit was sold within Central unit to UAV startups focused on the first UAV.
  • 2015WIC & ThermoInspector 2.gen.

    Second generation of WIC and ThermoInspector solution for Automation. The system was integrated across Europe by Workswell and sold via partner channels mainly to Automotive industry within Europe.
  • 2016UAV, 2.gen

    Second generation of UAV dual thermal imaging camera called WIRIS. The unit was sold within Europe and Asia. The upgraded version WIRIS 2nd Gen was launched in 2018.
  • 2017SMARTIS, 1.gen

    First generation of SMARTIS, the Smart Thermal Imaging System for Automation. The key functions were overtake from ThermoInspector and integrated to SMARTIS that was small, all-in-one camera device providing onboard evaluation and data processing to PLC's.
  • 2018SAFETIS, 1.gen

    First generation of SAFETIS, the Safety thermal imaging system for early fire detection and safety applications.
  • 2019WIRIS Pro

    Groundbreaking year, Workswell launched completely redesigned, powerful and smaller UAV dual thermal imaging camera called WIRIS Pro, the most successful product line within Workswell by far.
  • 2020WIIC Industrial

    New generation of WIC Industrial, the new version of WIC with robust housing for inside/outside use including heating, cooling and cleaning accessories. The unit is fully compatible with ThermoInspector that was also upgraded and launched as ThermoInspector mobile.
  • 2021MEDICAS

    Workswell launched MEDICAS, the thermal imaging camera for human temperature measurement and evaluation (EBT system). At the same time, the Workswell first blackbody was designed.
  • 2022WIRIS Enterprise

    Workswell launched the new Workswell Enterprise, the UAV/UGV thermal imaging multi-sensor camera. At the same year, the blackbodies BB200, BB200 OEM and BB fixed were introduced together with Desktop analysis software ThermoLab.
  • 2023SAFETIS EV

    At the end of the year, new SAFETIS EV thermal sensor was launched for early fire detection and fire safety applications. Easy, plug & play and price affordable thermal imaging device, the first of its kind with full onboard data evaluation and control (alarms).
  • 2024Revolution of thermal imaging is coming

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Company Vision Statement

"To be a pioneer in thermal imaging technology in order to ensure unmatched quality of products and services to overcome customer expectations and needs."

What we do?

Process control

Thermal imaging cameras are a valuable tool in process control, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and power generation. By using thermal drone cameras, operators can quickly and accurately identify hot or cold spots in equipment, which can indicate potential problems or inefficiencies.

Industrial production

The use of thermal cameras in industrial production has become increasingly popular in recent years. These cameras offer a unique perspective on the production process, allowing for improved safety and efficiency. IT can be used to monitor and optimize the production process.

Technical diagnostics

Thermal cameras are an essential tool for technical diagnostics across a wide range of industries, including energy, construction, and infrastructure. Drones are equipped with infrared cameras that can capture thermal images of infrastructure, which can reveal valuable information about their condition.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)​

Infrared cameras use infrared technology to capture images of objects and structures based on their heat signatures. This can be particularly useful in NDT because it can detect abnormalities in the temperature distribution of materials or structures that may indicate potential defects or weaknesses.

Search and rescue​

Search and rescue (SAR) is the process of locating and providing assistance to individuals who are lost, injured, or otherwise in danger. SAR operations may involve searching for missing hikers, rescuing people trapped in a collapsed building, or providing aid to victims of a natural disaster.

Research & development

Research and Development (R&D) refers to the systematic process of creating new knowledge or improving existing knowledge through scientific, technological, or other forms of investigation. R&D involves a wide range of activities, including basic research, applied research, and development.

Early fire detection systems​

Process of identifying a fire in its early stages, before it has a chance to grow and cause significant damage. The goal of early fire detection is to provide enough time for the occupants of a building to evacuate safely and for firefighters to respond and extinguish the fire before it spreads.

Precision agriculture​

By using thermal cameras, farmers can detect subtle temperature changes in their crops that may indicate problems that are not visible to the naked eye. For example, a thermal camera may reveal areas of a field that are receiving too much or too little water, which can help farmers adjust their irrigation practices to optimize crop growth.