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Why Workswell?

Customers aren’t just looking for products – they are searching for solutions. That means that customers are looking for products with added value, and a company that supports them long after the sales cycle ends. 


Workswell has a simple goal – to offer products based on advanced thermal imaging sensors and deliver end-to-end solutions that resolve customer needs. Workswell was founded to produce better products that aid in search and rescue operations, improve agriculture, and enhance fire remediation.

Choosing Workswell means opting for a leader in thermal imaging technology, offering innovative solutions across various industries.With a strong focus on research and development, Workswell delivers end-to-end solutions that not only meet but exceed customer needs.


We are here for you

At Workswell, we're not just a company; we're a global innovator with a local heart. Headquartered in the heart of Europe - Prague, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge thermal imaging solutions to customers around the world. From the bustling cities of Europe to the innovative hubs of America and everywhere in between, our network spans the globe. With partners and contacts in every corner, we ensure that our state-of-the-art products, are accessible wherever you are. Choose Workswell, where European quality meets global reach.


#Infrared On Your Side

Why choose Workswell? Because we believe in more than just selling products. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that meet your unique needs, long after the sales cycle has ended. Founded in 2010, Workswell is a testament to European innovation, specializing in advanced thermal imaging sensors for a variety of applications. From enhancing agricultural practices to improving search and rescue operations, our mission is to deliver end-to-end solutions that not only solve your current challenges but also anticipate your future needs.

Our advantages

Today, we are proud to say that Workswell delivers complex systems and individual elements for non-contact temperature measurement and data evaluation across:

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