Revolutionizing Industries with OEM Thermal Cameras

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are increasingly integrating thermal camera technology into their products, revolutionizing how industries operate, enhance safety, and improve efficiency. Thermal cameras, which detect and visualize heat emitted by objects and living beings, offer unparalleled insights into the environment, machinery, and processes, far beyond what is visible to the naked eye. This capability is not just about seeing in the dark; it's about unveiling a world of thermal insights that can transform operations, safety measures, and maintenance practices across various sectors. From automotive to security, HVAC, and beyond, OEM thermal cameras are paving the way for innovative solutions that address complex challenges.

25. 11. 2020


A library (SDK – standard development kit) for developing custom applications is available for the Workswell BB200 black body. This SDK allows reliable integration and remote control of the BB200 with your application or device via RS485 or USB-C. Virtual panel screen from the sample application is on the left image.

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Key Advantages of Integrating OEM Thermal Cameras

  • Enhanced Product Functionality: OEM thermal cameras expand product capabilities by enabling the detection of heat signatures, which can be crucial for applications requiring visibility beyond the visible spectrum.

  • Improved Safety and Security: By providing the ability to see in complete darkness or through obstructions, thermal cameras significantly enhance the safety and security features of products.

  • Preventative Maintenance and Efficiency: Thermal imaging allows for the early detection of overheating or faulty components, facilitating preventive maintenance that can save costs and increase efficiency.

  • Broad Industry Applications: The versatility of thermal cameras means they can be integrated into a wide range of products, from automotive to healthcare, opening up numerous market opportunities for OEMs.

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