The Workswell ThermoInspector is a state-of-the-art automatic inspection system designed for thermal monitoring, analysis, and evaluation in various industries such as plastic, metal, biological, and chemical manufacturing.
It offers real-time measurement, recording, and evaluation of thermal information, seamlessly integrating with existing machine control systems and PLCs. The system supports up to four highly sensitive infrared cameras, capable of detecting minute temperature variations (better than 0.03°C)
and measuring up to +1,500°C. This allows for continuous and precise monitoring of thermal fields on different materials.

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Another advantage of the ThermoInspector system is its versatility and user-friendly interface. It can analyze thermal characteristics like gradients, maximum, and minimum temperatures, and evaluate temperature dispersion along a cut or in a selected area. The system supports multi-camera radiometric streaming, camera control, and various palette settings. It offers fast, easy, and flexible installation, plug-and-play setup, and powerful full-screen operator visualization with graphs, tables, and indicators. The ThermoInspector is designed for robust industrial applications with high IP camera protection and a wide temperature range, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in demanding environments.

Precision Thermal Analysis

Enhancing safety and efficiency with ThermoInspector


Digital alarm output

Digital trigger input

RS 485

Thermolab is a software tool for detailed thermogram analysis, offering standard data analysis functions and extended features like GPS image location and displaying digital RGB images.
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