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The Workswell ThermoInspector Mobile system stands out for its advanced features and versatility in industrial applications. Its capability to perform non-destructive testing in sectors like plastics, metals, and chemicals, alongside real-time analysis and integration with machine control systems, significantly enhances operational efficiency and safety. Additionally, the system's adaptability to accommodate up to four thermal cameras with varying resolutions and lenses broadens its application scope, making it a valuable tool for diverse industrial requirements.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of the ThermoInspector Mobile, including touchscreen control, graphical analysis, and customizable alarms, ensures ease of use while providing detailed and accurate monitoring. This combination of advanced technology and user-centric design makes it an ideal solution for industrial thermal monitoring needs.

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The ThermoInspector Mobile system offers further advantages in terms of its data processing and storage capabilities. It can efficiently handle large volumes of data from thermal imaging, which is crucial for trend analysis and historical data review in industrial settings. This feature allows for better decision-making based on comprehensive thermal data over time. Additionally, the system's robust design makes it suitable for challenging industrial environments, ensuring reliability and longevity in various operational conditions.

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Revolutionizing industrial monitoring with ThermoInspector Mobile


Digital alarm output

Digital trigger input

RS 485

Thermolab is a software tool for detailed thermogram analysis, offering standard data analysis functions and extended features like GPS image location and displaying digital RGB images.
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