Workswell BB FIXED is a black body radiation source with fixed temeperature 35 °C – 60 °C in steps of 5 °C (95 °F – 140 °F in steps of 9 °F) with temperature dispersion  less than 0,3 °C (0.5 °F). The temperature value is fixed from production and cannot be changed by user. Surface  area of Workswell BB FIXED is circular area with 100 mm aperture diameter. There are pyramid shapes on the surface for increasing to increase emissivity and reduce reflektivity. Surface emissivity is 0.95 ± 0.005 for LWIR spectrum. Operating air temperature range is 10 °C to +30 °C.

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Workswell BB FIXED is designed for calibration of thermal cameras and pyrometers Due to its low weight (less than 400g) and low energy (max 24 W, 24 VDC) consumption, it is possible to apply the Workswell BB FIXED black body both 1) in the laboratory and 2) during outdoor measurement, if high demands are placed on accuracy. Workswell BB FIXED could offer long-term time stability better than n ± 0.08% due using precise PID regulation with 16 single thermal elements, measured/checked by certified external PT100 probe, ie. temperature stability of the central area better than ± 0.05 °C. LED signalization for different modes (warming, stabilization, cooling, electronics overheating) is available.

Precision in Calibration

Precision Thermography: The BB Fixed

A library (SDK – standard development kit) for developing custom applications is available for the Workswell BB200 black body. This SDK allows reliable integration and remote control of the BB200 with your application or device via RS485 or USB-C. Virtual panel screen from the sample application is on the left image.

Comprehensive manual and also a sample application is available for a quick understanding of SDK functions and is included in the package.

For communication you can use nine-pin RS485 cable or an USB-C cable (available from version 1.4.17 and above). RS485 cable, RS485 to USB converter and USB cable are available in the kit as optional accessories.

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