SAFETIS EV-M is an advanced thermal imaging sensor distinguished by its excellent detection capabilities and flexible network connectivity. Featuring 19,200 active temperature sensors and the ability to scan up to 9 times per second, this sensor provides accurate and reliable real-time temperature monitoring, which is essential for quick identification and response to potential risks in various environments. It provides comprehensive coverage across a wide temperature range from -10 °C to 400 °C (14 °F to 752 °F), with an exceptional temperature sensitivity of 0.1 °C.

Modbus RTU protocol via RS485 and Ethernet supported allows for easy integration into existing systems and enhanced remote access and control capabilities. With compact dimensions, a robust aluminum body, and user-friendly software, SAFETIS EV-M is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including industrial, security, and warehouse areas, where reliability and efficiency are crucial.

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SAFETIS EV-M represents a revolutionary step in the world of thermal imaging sensors, offering an unprecedented level of detection capabilities for various applications. At the core of this system are 19,200 active temperature sensors, enabling rapid and precise detection of temperature changes in real-time. This technology offers exceptional sensitivity and resolution, which is crucial for the quick identification and response to potential risks or unusual temperature fluctuations.

With the ability to scan up to nine times per second, SAFETIS EV-M can monitor environments with high frequency, ensuring immediate response to any changes. This high scanning frequency is essential in situations where rapid detection is required, such as in industrial facilities, warehouses, or security applications.

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Detection capabilities

SAFETIS EV-M is equipped with 19,200 active temperature sensors, providing extensive and detailed environmental monitoring, thereby enhancing the ability for rapid fire detection. This dense network of sensors enables the device to effectively identify and respond to security risks, increasing overall protection and safety in the monitored area.

Smart evaluation​

SAFETIS EV-M is equipped with a built-in SMART evaluation system, meaning its operating system is standalone and does not require connection to any additional computer or hardware to function. This feature allows the device to operate efficiently and independently, simplifying installation and reducing the need for additional equipment.

Double alarm detection

SAFETIS EV-M features a two-level alarm system for quick temperature detection, allowing users to customize settings including digital or relay outputs for each region-of-interest (ROI), which includes both warning and critical alarms. This functionality offers customizable protection and an effective response to temperature anomalies, enhancing safety and response capabilities in the event of risks.

Control protocol

SAFETIS EV-M communicates with other devices using the standard Modbus RTU protocol, either through the RS485 wired interface or Ethernet network. Although a special service software for setting up SAFETIS EV-M is included in the package, customers can use any other compatible software due to the universality of the Modbus RTU protocol.

Area scanning

The real-time automatic scanning feature allows SAFETIS EV-M to continuously monitor and analyze the environment, performing up to 9 scans per second. This high scanning rate ensures high accuracy and immediate response to any changes in the monitored area, which is key for effective prevention and detection of risks.


Digital alarm output

Heartbeat signal

RS 485


Webserver or Desktop software

Advanced functionalities for real-time temperature monitoring and fire detection. Integrating 19,200 active temperature sensors, the software enables immediate image processing and temperature change detection, crucial for the swift identification and response to potential hazards. It supports SMART evaluation directly on the device, eliminating the need for external hardware or software. Users can define warning and critical temperature alarms for each region of interest, with the option to use digital/relay outputs for rapid response.

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