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Workswell WIC SC is a thermal camera designed primarily for universities and research organizations. Thanks to the affordable price and parameters, this thermal camera is suitable for both R&D applications and for educational purposes at secondary schools and universities. It offers a high resolution of 640 × 512 px, 60 Hz camera versions (9 Hz for export is also available) and fre as well as an exceptional temperature sensitivity of 30 mK. The package includes two interchangeable lenses, IP65 protection kit,  Workswell Thermolab software licenses and a license for the WIC SDK for developing your own applications.

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The Workswell WIC SC thermal camera comes with the WIC SDK (Software Development Kit) with a wide range of options. The WIC SDK contains a complete package for the design and implementation of user software on various operating systems and platforms.

The WIC Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Older, x86 processor PC platforms are supported along with modern, ARM-based single-board systems such as ODROID, Raspberry, NVIDIA, Tegra and Jetson. Clients can choose a development library in .dll or Dewesoft plugin formats. This enables the achievement of optimal final application output and significantly reduces total implementation time.

Capture the Unseen

Next-level imaging with WIC

Thermolab is a software tool for detailed thermogram analysis, offering standard data analysis functions and extended features like GPS image location and displaying digital RGB images.
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