Advanced system for thermal cameras

WIRIS OS is a universal operating system from Workswell for thermal cameras, known for its high level of adaptability and user-friendliness. Its key advantage, particularly for our cameras, is the ability to personalize according to the specific needs of the user and application, from security purposes and industrial inspections to scientific research. With WIRIS OS, every user can optimize data visualization, adjust the layout of image elements, or choose between different types of displays for maximum work efficiency.

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The system offers three types of layouts or displays, allowing users to customize their workspace according to current needs. Whether opting for a multi-image side-by-side view or preferring a full-screen mode to focus on one task, users have the ability to easily switch between different views. This flexibility ensures that WIRIS OS is suitable for a wide range of applications, and the user can fine-tune the system precisely according to their specifications and needs, which stands as a significant advantage to our cameras.

The result is an operating system that can be efficiently used in various areas – from the security of premises, through industrial monitoring, to scientific research and infrastructure condition assessment. User-friendliness, adaptability, and the possibility of personalization make WIRIS OS an ideal tool for any application where thermal imaging and analysis are required, enhancing the functionality and versatility of Workswell's cameras.

ThermoLab reads radiometric images and videos only from Workswell thermal cameras.

Advanced System

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