Workswell is a European manufacturer specializing in thermal cameras and infrared imaging systems. Our products cater to various sectors including Industrial Automation, Fire Prevention, Medical Screening, Agriculture, Security, and OEM applications. Their portfolio includes thermal cameras for fever detection, process control, UAV systems, early fire detection, agricultural solutions, and R&D software. Workswell's technology is designed for a range of applications, from machine vision to early fire detection, providing advanced solutions for numerous industries.


Global Presence
& Responsible Manufacturing

Our commitment to ethical manufacturing is evident through our adherence to EU and TÜV standards, ensuring product safety and reliability. We source components from regions that reflect our high standards of quality and ethics, securing our position as a trusted global partner.



UAV and UGV payloads

Small and powerfull






Newest thermal sensor SAFETIS EV


The "My.Workswell" client zone is a dedicated platform for Workswell product users, offering easy access to a wealth of resources including manuals, datasheets, calibration data, licenses, firmware updates, SDK, and software. By registering products, users can unlock personalized support and updates, ensuring their equipment remains at peak performance. Additionally, the platform facilitates easy access to Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) processes, streamlining the repair or replacement of products when necessary. This comprehensive hub is designed to enhance the user experience, providing all the tools and information needed for the optimal use of Workswell products.

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News & knowledge base

13. 2. 2024
Fire safety thermal sensor SAFETIS EV
Fire safety thermal sensor SAFETIS EV is an advanced thermal imaging sensor distinguished by its excellent detection capabilities and flexible network connectivity. Featuring 19,200 active temperature […]
13. 2. 2024
Automation and Quality Control
BB200: Precision temp control for quality in manufacturing in the realms of manufacturing, especially within industries such as electronics and pharmaceuticals, the paramount importance of maintaining consistent […]
13. 2. 2024
High-Temperature Industrial Monitoring
High-Temperature Industrial Monitoring. In the demanding environments of industrial settings, the ability to accurately monitor high-temperature processes is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency, safety, and equipment […]
13. 2. 2024
Ecological Research
In the dynamic field of ecological research, the role of thermal cameras in ecological research has become an indispensable tool, offering researchers the ability to monitor […]